Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pilot BeGreen Precise V5 Rollerball Pen - WOW!

And so there I was at Berkeley's Artist and Craftsman Supply a few weeks back, and they were re-arranging their pen section. Historically, I have always focused on the paint and canvas sections of this wonderful art supply store, but that day, I was able to see for the first time what a solid pen selection they offer.

And then I saw them - the Pilot BeGreen Precise V5 Rollerball pens, in black, red and royal blue. There were about 25 of them tucked away in a small unassuming white plastic bucket, as though they were everyday run of the mill pens. I was particularly drawn to the ivy green colored "BeGREEN" section found on all three colors of this pen which touts the fact that this pen is created from recycled content.

In recent times, I have tried writing with pens made of corn and other re-purposed materials only to find that they are more about "recycling" hype than a decent writing experience. And so I gingerly picked up the Pilot BeGreen Precise V5 Rollerball (Extra Fine), with absolutely zero belief that I was going to have anything remotely close to a satisfactory writing experience. But lo and behold! This pen flows like a river across the page, and it is super good looking to boot! I was delighted to discover this new take on the classic Pilot V5 Rollerball, and I daresay it delivers a superior writing experience than that of its predecessor at a very nice price, only $1.85 through

And so I say to you, fellow pen lovers, get thee one of these beauties at your next opportunity. If you're committed to reducing landfill waste, and you like to write with a super fine line combined with a really nice ink flow, then this is the pen for you!